St. Andrews Covid Operating Protocols and                     
                      Frequently Asked Questions
                                Last updated 18 January 2022
                         (keep in mind the rules do change often!)

1. What time are St Andy's services and do I need to be vaccinated?
     Our Sunday service is at 09.30am
     Our midweek Bible Exploration is Thursday 10am.

     Vaccination status does not need to be checked at any service.

     All services require Temperature check in and recording of names and       
     Contact number for tracing purposes. These are controlled and stored
     according the the PoPI Act.

     We have hand sanitising stations as you enter the building to register

2. Do I need to book a place to attend St Andys services?
     No. We are simply encouraging you to arrive early to complete the
     registration process.

3. What hygiene and safety measures are there?
    Do I have to wear a mask?

     St Andys has a COVID safe plan and everything we do attempts in
     good faith to implement the current government and denominational

     Masks are are required at all meetings and activities. We want to
     protect all from the spread of the Virus.

     One of the most critical things we can do is to respect the physical
     space of others by distancing carefully. Our seats are marked indicate
     this spacing

     Also please stay home if you have any symptoms and follow the
    Government, stay safe guidelines.

3. Will there be morning tea and a chance for fellowship?
     Yes we are able to serve drinks and food in a manner that is COVID
     safe, and have procedures in place to enable this to be served safely.

     Each service will work out whether they have drinks and food based
     on volunteer availability.

     Every service will have ample time for fellowship, connecting with
     others, and meeting new people. This is really important after so
     much time in lockdown!

4. Will there be Holy Communion at St Andys?
     Yes there will be the Lord's Supper according to the previously
     existing patterns.

     We have communion on the 2nd Sunday monthly and we practice n
     "Open Table" policy for the Lord's Supper.

     Communion will be served with bread and grape juice in individual
     cups (no common cup), and are prepared with all Covid health
     precautions taken.

5. Will there be any shared resources and do I need to sanitise when
    using books and Bibles etc?

     Our services are electronically run (our Hymns, community prayers,
     notices and other resources are projected onto a screen.

     We have Bibles out in the pews for Sunday use, however it is always
     good to bring your own Bible to church!

6. Will there be congregational singing as part of the worship at
    St Andys gatherings?

     Yes, government guidelines allow for singing, however we do so with
     our masks in place

7. I am not yet ready to come out to church yet, is there still going to
    be online St Andys digital worship?
     Yes, since "Lock Down" we have been streaming the entire 9:30am
     service on the St Andys Youtube channel.
St Andrews YouTube Channel Link
     This includes the message, songs, notices, intercessions and more.

     Please try to tune in live on your computer, tablet or phone at 9:30am
     each Sunday. (if you go to the YouTube Channel and Subscribe you
     will be reminded of Videos and live Streaming events.

     The service broadcast will be available after the Sunday Service and
     can be watched at any time in the future.